Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Airstrikes in Syria target schools and hospitals - nearly 50 children killed

Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon is unhappy at the Syrian airstrikes that are targeting schools and hospitals and has expressed concern at the 50 persons killed in airstrikes on five medical centers and two schools in northern Syria. The Secretary General has described the attacks as "blatant violations of international laws".
This has been reported in news.sky.com dated 15 February 2016.
One of these airstrikes was against a hospital in Muratt al Numan that is run by Western charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), which blamed Russian or Syrian government forces and claimed it was deliberately targeted. In another separate attack, blamed by Turkey on Russia, at least 14 people were killed when missiles hit a hospital and school in Azaz near the Turkish border. Six of them were children.
Russia has denied being involved in the airstrikes but, the Secretary General has said the attacks "cast a shadow on commitments" that had been made at a Munich conference last week - it included a pledge to hold a ceasefire within a week and put an end attacks on civilians.

Image courtesy wikimediacommons.org

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